Reservation Instruction
- Reservation service is available 24/7/365 via website telephone
- Reservation comes to completion in sequence of on-the-phone consulting, reservation questions, and reservation charge (50% of total hotel fee) deposit. In case your deposit is not corroborated within designated time span after your reservation, your reservation can be revoked without notification.
- Please notify us of whose name you deposit Reservation charge by, in case it is other than your name.
- In case of reservation cancelation, the reservation charge less reservation termination charge shall be reimbursed according to following criteria:

Date of stay
Return amount
5 days before
4 days before
5 days before
5 days before
1days before, on the day itself
No return

Please inform us on number of guests timely before check-in, in case it exceeds originally reserved number. We may decline check-in if the number of guests surpasses maximum number.
Reservation Questions
* Name and contact info are indispensable.
Date Year Month  Day   Hour minutes
Contact Information - -
Mobile Phone Number - -
E-mail Address  @ 
Answering Method

We will answer your elaborate questions with considerately.

* Personal Information Treatment Policies Agreement

1. Agreement for range of personal information for collection: name and contact information
2. Collection of personal information and their usage purpose: customer consultation material
3. Collection of Personal Information and storage period: Personal information shall be destroyed, the moment purpose for collection of personal information and usage is met and storage period should not exceed 3 years in principle.